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Den Original-Fanø-Ring gibt es nur im Vinlageret (Weinladen) 

Ein ungewöhnlicher Verkaufsort?


Dies hat etwas mit der Entstehungsgeschichte des Ringes zu tuen.

Fanø-Ring 1.000 DKK

Fanø-Krone 675 DKK

Fanø-Tube 675 DKK

Nur echt mit der Fähre!

Foto 06.01.21, 11 20 07.jpg


A piece of Fanø for every day

The Fanø ring is available in silver, silver-oxidized, gold-plated silver and also in gold.

You can order the rings in the online shop, but you can also view, try on, fall in love and of course buy them directly from Birgit in Nordby in the Vinlageret.




A piece of Fanø for every day, a piece of earth to which one feels connected, a place of longing.


From my continued affection for the island, I developed the Fanø-Ring.


Tubes, trailers and special editions will follow.




Edition 2022

*) Design by Triangel-Schmuckdesign

           developed by Fanø-Ring

Vielen Dank an Triangel, welche meine Ideen und Motive in CAD-Zeichnungen umgesetzt haben!

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